Currently available for reviewers: Several excerpts from a book by Eric Ross, Ph.D. on a subject of utmost importance to all Americans. The book is an exposé of how fascist methods are applied on the political left, on the right, and in the middle to use and abuse children against the will of their parents: from Nazis, to Soviets, to Femi-Nazis in modern day America; how in guise of a “better future” for children, the state maims children for life, robs children of their future, and often – their very lives.         



Soviets: Pavlik Morozov - Part 1


*      Comrade Pavel    

*      The Soviet Propaganda Spin on Parental Alienation: Child’s Martyrdom for the State

*      The U.S. Unique Angle on Controlling Children: Money

*      A Despised Hero



Soviets: Pavlik Morozov - Part 2


*      The Malicious Mother

*      The Soviet Mythology     

*      Children Hijacked from Parents Personified “Progress” and “Bright Future” while Parents – the Reactionary “Dark Past”

*      The Impact of Propaganda on Public Morality

*      The historical backdrop of the murders: Forcible Conversion of “Kulaks” into “Good Citizens” (Russian: Раскулачивание.)



Soviets: Pavlik Morozov - Part 3


*      Demonizing “Enemies of the State” as “Child Murderers”          

*      Post-Soviet Era Research.          

*      The Silent Martyrdom of Tsarevich Aleksei

*      “Child Martyrdom” and fabrication of “Blood Libel” in Tsarist Russia. Inciting Anti-Semitism and pogroms – the Beilis Case



Nazis: Hitlerjugend- Part 1


*      Nazi Exploitation of Youth and Parental Alienation

*      Hitlerjunge Quex – The Nazi Boy Hero

*      Your Child Belongs to Us!          

*      The Indoctrinated Child, Germany’s Bravest Solider


Nazis: Hitlerjugend – Part 2


*      Twelve-year-old Boys – the Cannon Fodder of Last Resort

*      From Moral Cripples to Cripples for Life           

*      A Regiment of Hitlerjugend Boys Died to Buy Hitler Another Few Minutes


Nazis: Hitlejugend – Part 3

*      Hitler Youth – Hitler’s Secret Weapon  

*      The Unspoken Tragedy of Hitler Youth

*      Key to Effective Brainwashing of Children: Removal of Parental Authority

*      Nazi Guerillas, the Werwolf



Nazis: Hitlerjugend – Part 4


*      Werwolf: Young, Cute and Deadly         1

*      Solution against Radicalism – Restoration of Fatherhood.

*      Children Martyrs of Islamic Fascism



Nazi Propaganda - Part 1


*      Foreword: Fascism then and now          The Culture of Pitting Children Against Parents

*      Indoctrination through Media, Art and Film. Exploitation of Romanticism

*      Hitler’s Blaue Blume – his infatuation with a girl who might have been Jewish


Nazi Propaganda- Part 2


*       The Nazification of the Cultural Heritage of Humankind         

*       Example of the Monumental Scale of Totalitarian Sculpture – Soviet Stalingrad War Memorial

*       Hitler’s Many “Artistic” Talents


Nazi-Propaganda – Part 3


*       The Iconography and Icons of the Nazi Religion – Antagonists to Family Values

*       Books and films   

*       Literature

*       Sculpture

*       Oratory

*       Architecture



Nazi Propaganda - Part 4


*      Kicking Fathers in the Pants: Giving Children “the meaning of Life” in Camaraderie, Uniforms and Military Drills           

*      Morality is for Sissies



Nazi Propaganda-5


*      Appealing to Primitive Emotions through Primitive Imagery          

*      Mass Mind-Programming


Nazi Propaganda – Part 6


*      Aestheticism, the tool of Public Policy

*      Anti-Intellectualism as State Policy.  Destruction of Intellectuals, followed by mass murder of Jews



Nazi-Propaganda -  Part 6a


*      Soviet Contribution to the Destruction of Intellectuals in Poland and the USSR



Nazi-Propaganda – Part 7


*      Putting to use the Crème de la Crème of the Nazi Youth


Nazi Religion

*                Religion in Service of the Nazi State

*                Religion as a Tool of Public Morality

*                Salvation through Hitler

*                Plans to destroy Christianity


Hunger – Part 1


*      The “War” of Mass Murder of Civilians 

*      Food – the Weapon of Mass Destruction and a Political Power Tool




Hunger – Part 2


*      Survival of the Fattest

*      Defeat in WW-I: A Hunger Revolt or a “Stab on the Back”?

*      Hitler’s Personal Brand of Anti-Semitism

*      Planning to starve 100 million Russians, Ukrainians and Poles and to Kill all Jews          



Hunger – Part 3


*      Death by Starvation of a Million Civilians of Leningrad


Hunger – Part 4


*      Famine in Greece: The Market’s “Invisible Hand”     

*      Taming the Market Forces in the UK War Economy 

*      German Atrocities against Greek Civilians       



Hunger – Part 5


*      How One-Sided “Historic Perspective” Conceals Economic Causes of Famine


Fuel – Part 1


*      Fuel, the Food of the War Machine


Fuel – Part 2


*    Germany’s Synthetic Fuels and lack of resources



Bombing Civilians


*      Terror Bombing



The Bombing of Dresden


Oedipus Complex – Part 1


*      The Story of Oedipus  (Rated “R”)         

*      Predestination     

*      Sophocles, Aeschylus, and Euripides — the competing Playwrights   

*      The King is Born 

*      Oedipus’ Youth   



Oedipus – Part 2


*      The First Prophecy Fulfilled

*      The man-eating Sphinx, the First Incarnation of Sharon Stone     



Oedipus – Part 3


*      Second Prophecy Fulfilled          

*      The Jocaste Compex       



Oedipus – Part 4


*      Gods’ Punishment: The Second and Third Generations


Antigone – Part 1


*      Sisters’ Rivalry


Antigone – Part 2


*      Happy Ending, absent State Liquor License      

*      Important Themes in Oedipus and Antigone    

*      The Theme of Fate and Free Will           

*      The Theme of Blindness and Insight     

*      The Theme of Infringement on Family Rights by the State   

*      The Theme of Supremacy of Natural Law against State Law 

*      The Theme of Civil Disobedience to Abusive “Law”     

*      The Theme of Citizenship and Civil Rights       







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