Werwolf: Young, Cute and Deadly. 1

Solution against Radicalism – Restoration of Fatherhood. 3

Children Martyrs of Islamic Fascism.. 4


Werwolf: Young, Cute and Deadly


I received my baptism by fire in Germany, a couple years after the war was over, when just a few months old and fast asleep in my stroller, according to my mother. My parents went to a newly opened café, frequented by Soviet officers. Text Box:  
Hitler “the Messiah,” the substitute “Daddy,” the Sanctified Father Figure and…
his willing canon fodder, loyal even after his death.

From Hitler’s speech to Hitler Youth in Nurnberg, 1934 at the NSDAP congress: <<We want to be one people, and you, my youth, shall now become this people…  We want this people to be obedient, and you must practice this obedience.>> (Leni Riefenstahl’s Triumph des Willens.)

They sat next to the window, the stroller right under the window. Suddenly, the muzzle of a machine gun was thrust in, the violent gunfire replacing the peaceful melody of an accordion.  All I know from my mother’s words is that my stroller was filled with hot spent casings, that the attacker was a young Hitler Jugend, and that there was plenty of trouble Hitler Jugend boys continued to stir up, way after the war was over. 


The members of Werwolf were not treated in kid’s gloves by the Soviet NKVD:  Some were executed and some sent to the prisoner camps, to join the Volksturm and Hitlejugend prisoners of war of odd ages, already there. Some kids, in return for being spared beatings or execution, were recruited by the NKVD and, when released, were forced to play along with their Werwolf comrades and act as double-agents provocateurs. The NKVD sought to isolate and destroy the Werwolf centers, arrest and interrogate all its members. Its efforts to “re-educate” the youngsters were focused on confinement and forced labor. The Soviet and German cities and villages were in ruins and could use some forced labor.


Buy at Art.com “…        Among the boys and girls themselves, there was often a happy re-emergence of common sense, which bubbled to the surface even through the thickest muck of ideology and thought control… Thus, a unit of three HJ’s actually slipped through American lines with orders to attack targets of opportunity, but, once across the lines, they almost immediately headed for home, on the way throwing their equipment into a manure pit. This was an act with an unmistakable symbolic resonance. The CIC finally caught up with these young men and interrogated them, although they did not arrest them - 'The boys did not appear to be thoroughly indoctrinated with Nazism, nor did they seem interested in carrying out the mission the Germans had assigned them.’ [1]     Although thoroughly indoctrinated, these youth were also disillusioned.


Solution against Radicalism – Restoration of Fatherhood.


“…                There were a few sensitive souls [in allied command] who realized that the real way to improve the minds of German youth was to repair the German family. Boys captured by the Western Allies frequently broke into tears and begged to be reunited with their parents - an option that previously had seemed most uninviting… - and Allied security officers sometimes recommended clemency on these grounds, although the disposition of such cases was usually out of their hands.


One British military court made a practice of calling forth the parents of adolescent guerrillas to ask why they had not kept their sons in order. In one case, the forthright answer was that Hitler had destroyed the basis of parental authority. In this instance, the court restored such authority by fiat, enjoining the parents of several boys to take whatever measures were necessary to guarantee good behaviour. 'The parents were overjoyed,' said one observer, 'and I saw a gleam in one mother's eye as she marched her erring offspring out of Court.' French military courts also tried to induce a renewed sense of parental responsibility, and in at least one case a tribunal fined a German father 5,000 marks when his sixteen-year-old son was caught in possession of a pistol.[2]            


One apparent conclusion from the foregoing is this: in order to take possession of the child’s mind, the state destroys the child’s relationship with his father, the stolid moral force which provides the child positive guidance, and teaches right from wrong. With fathers being out of the picture, the state easily turns children into its obedient Zombies.


Children Martyrs of Islamic Fascism


Mein Kampf, from which we quoted above, has been long forgotten by the masses of the decadent West, excepting its politicians, busily studying Hitler’s writings, educating themselves on how to win  elections, borrowing from the experiences and ideas of the great Fürher. Forgotten though it may be in the West, this hate-infused writ is a best-seller in the Middle East, Palestinian territories, and Arab neighborhoods of London and Paris.[3] Hitler (blessed be his memory) is getting rave reviews for his sociopathic anti-Semitism and delusional rants of manifest destiny.


Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is concerned that greater credit might go to Hitler for wiping out millions of European Jews than to the mullahs’ promising to wipe Israel off the map, a promise still unfulfilled. According to the press, “the children of Iran are subjected to indoctrination in Islamic supremacy[4],” and so are children in the rest of the Islamic world.


Mein Kampf, a best-seller in the Middle East, translated as “Jihadi” ( “My Jihad,” ) is even used to “confirm” the “moderate” Islamic claim that the meaning of “jihad” is an innocuous and rather abstract “struggle” (as in German “Kampf ,”) not a “holly war” as we, dense Western “crusaders” wrongly assume. However, prominent Western experts on Islam, such as Bernard Lewis, for example, argue that in the Koran and the ahadith, “jihad” implies “warfare” in most cases,[5] and Muslim holly books make such warfare a holly duty of a good Muslim. Increasingly, suicide bombers as young as twelve[6], and women[7], as in Moscow airport and subway bombings, are utilized to blow up the unsuspecting “infidels.” Since male martyrs are promised a harem of 70 virgins in the afterlife, what do women get – seventy sex-starved jihadists? Little do these kids know that a single virgin (or former virgin, for thatmatter) can make one’s life a living hell. Imagine the misery of dealing with 70 of them at once, and through eternity.


Apparently, their mothers’ “guidance” is to kill, kill, kill… and to die killing: “And, let’s face it, if the mothers ruled the world, there would be no {expletive} wars in the first place.” – So declared Sally Field upon receiving her trophy for best actress in a drama series at the recent Emmy Awards. To many, Field’s comment seems charmingly idealistic…  But politically astute observers recognize Field’s remark as desperately inaccurate. For in the fight against radical Islam, it is too often the mothers who are the problem. Consider Miriam Farahat, a Palestinian mother  who has raised three sons to be homicide bombers for Hamas. Known throughout Gaza as Umm Nidal, or “the mother of the struggle,” Farahat is featured in a Hamas recruitment video telling one 17-year-old son to attack Israelis and telling him not to return. And Farahat — who is now an elected member of the Hamas parliament — says she is willing to sacrifice all her 10 sons to the war against Israel because “Israelis are not civilians and there are no prohibitions on killing them.”>>[8]  -- For those familiar with quotations from Hitler that should sound familiar.



Text Box:  
The vagaries of the feminism: From electing Hitler in 1933 to promoting Islamo-Fascism in 2009-12, feminists have been always fascism’s loyal stalwarts.

In her December 2005 interview, Umm Nidal said that she has prepared all of her sons for jihad for the sake of Allah:


I protect my sons from defying Allah, or from choosing a path that would not please Allah. This is what I fear, when it comes to my sons. But as for sacrifice, Jihad for the sake of Allah, or performing the duty they were charged with - this makes me happy.” When asked about the difference between Israeli civilians and military, she replied: 

There is no difference. This is Islamic religious law. I don’t invent anything. I follow Islamic religious law in this.”


Given the religious pressure and pressure their families put on them, especially mothers, Muslim men should be given credit – they remained amazingly sane. The media dupes the young, immature children in Western democracies into joining leftists’ organizations supporting Islamic fascism[9]. They find it romantic and exciting.  Meanwhile, some of us, who worry about the rebirth of the Nazi ideology of hate and destruction of the nations, and the use of children “martyrs” as suicide bombers, are told by the “progressive media” in the U.S. and U.K. to go fret between ourselves about us being “Islamophobes,” secret racists, redneck reactionaries, Christian fundamentalists, white Anglo-Saxon patriarchal pigs, Jew propagandists, Neo-Nazis and whatever other meaningless labels and political slurs might come into their progressive, face-lifted, pampered, Botox-injected heads. 


The term “Islamic fascism” has become entirely politically incorrect, although it succinctly captures the creed of those who call from the religious pulpits for a resurrection of the ancient caliphate, imposition of the medieval sharia law upon the whole World; those who threaten to bring death and destruction upon the Western “Crusaders,” “Jews” and all of them, “infidels;” the essence of those who dream to establish and live in a mythical alternative universe of religious purity and piety, the concepts of which remained unchanged since prophet Mohammad’s death in the year 632. They seek to establish Muslim domination, not at all unlike the mythical New World Order established by the “Arian nation” of the Third Reich.


Since sharia involves heavy taxation of all remaining non-Muslims and their forcible conversion into the Muslim religion by cutting off the infidel’s body parts, to save on your medical bills (before they come to cut off your head,) I suggest heavy investment into various small arms, preferably of a larger caliber, maybe moving to the freedom-loving states in which large capacity magazines and automatic weapons are still legal.


Islamic fascists are willing and eager to bring death not only to civilian “infidels,” but to their own people – the PR exploitation of their own civilian casualties is a key propagandistic weapon. The only thing Hamas values more than dead Israelis, is dead Palestinians, preferably Palestinian children, as they launch rocket attacks from heavily populated areas, leading to unavoidable “collateral casualties” in case of a counter-strike.


The medieval morays of Islam lead to sexual exploitation of children, legalized pedophilia and murder by rape.  Not so long ago, the Internet blogs exploded with photographs of allegedly 450 under-aged bribes, very young girls, at a mass marriage ceremony, sponsored by Hamaz. No, brides they were not, according to information published by Hamaz. The girls were relatives of the grooms, dressed as “flower girls.” Repeat, they were not brides. And so, the use of such powerful imagery as “evidence” of mass-pedophilia would be – in fact – dirty propaganda trick, maybe – an honest mistake, dishonest journalism or just Western stupidity, of which, indeed, there is quite an abundance. What is not propaganda, however, is that under-aged girls do become wives, en mass (See Reuters news release, below,) although not as the “flower girls” photographs might suggest.



<<SANAA | Thu Apr 8, 2010 3:18pm EDT

(Reuters) - A 13-year-old Yemeni girl died three days after marrying a man twice her age, due to internal bleeding following intercourse, a Yemeni human rights group and UNICEF said.

The girl's death comes amid ongoing debate on whether to set a minimum age for brides in Yemen, where human rights groups say one in every three girls is married before the age of 18.

Elham Mahdi Shoi died in the west of the Arab state earlier this month, said Sisters Arab Forum (SAF).

Sigrid Kaag, regional director for UNICEF, said in a statement that the United Nations child agency was "dismayed by the death of yet another child bride in Yemen."

"Elham is a martyr of abuse of children's lives in Yemen and a clear example of what is justified by the lack of limits on the age of marriage," SAF said in a statement.

The case of a nine-year-old Yemeni child bride, Nujood Ali, was thrust into the spotlight after it was reported by a Yemeni newspaper and a French journalist wrote her memoir, which was published in March.

In the harrowing memoir, Nujood tells how at age 9 she was forced to marry a man three times her age, raped and beaten, then made Yemeni history by getting a divorce two years ago.

As suggested in the memoir, child brides in Yemen are fueled by a combination of a lack of women's rights, economic hardships and a culture that deplores bringing families shame, making it difficult to speak out.

(Reporting by Mohammed Sudam; writing by Tamara Walid)[10]>>

While the governments and clerics of the Islamic world continue the Islamo-fascist indoctrination of their youth, the prospects for peace in the world remain bleak. The Western media, meanwhile, long ago politicized to becoming off-the-scale leftist (in the fascist sense of the word), asserts all kinds of fringe causes, busily hunting down and destroying as “the Christian right” and “Patriarchal culture” any attempts to assert moral values on which Western Democracies were built.



All rights reserved ● Copyright ©  2011, Eric Ross, Ph.D.




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