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Defeat in WW-I: A Hunger Revolt or a “Stab on the Back”?. 4

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Survival of the Fattest

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Although feminists do not like 1950’s,  the “Golden Era” of full employment, fair wages,  burgeoning middle class, and happy marriages, most Americans – including women – are quite nostalgic.
Victory is not defined in purely military terms, but above all – in terms of the economic advantage achieved as a result of war – once the dust and smoke of the battles settles. That’s why the US was clearly an economic winner; Europe continued to struggle in order to survive and pay for land-lease, while American GDP rose from $88.6 billion in 1939 to $135 in 1944, America then was enjoying practically 100% employment, with unemployment declining from 8.1% of the population in 1940 to the lowest ever of 1.1% in 1945,[1] income of farmers increased 160%; the Golden era began. Although feminists do not like this period of full employment, fair wages, burgeoning middle class, and happy marriages, most Americans who have any knowledge of it are quite nostalgic, especially so women.

Europe was in ruins, its most productive mail populations decimated, some 3% of Russian men born in 1923 still alive after the war.  While such countries as Poland lost 16.1 to 16.7 percent of its population, USSR – 13.9 percent; Germany – 7.9 to 10.0 percent, the losses in the US were relatively small – 0.32 percent of the population.®

As Dr. Alan Greenspan said, when interviewed on CNBC program Squawk Box on June 3, 2011, in the 1950’s the US Government had “unlimited resources,” the problem was finding how and where to use those resources so as to assure even greater prosperity, and that Text Box:  
Allies in the Hyde Park, London. British girl, American boy. 
Quite damn romantic, looking at it 60 years later.

Marshall Plan and establishment of NASA were examples of government programs that assured fuller employment and greater prosperity.

As a British journalist wrote about the first American troops arriving in Britain in late spring of 1942, two years before seeing action on the “D” day:

But then the Americans arrived. We had never seen anything like it. Massive, well-fed men marching sloppily through our streets with enormous bottoms waggling. Their supply stores sounded like Aladdin’s caves and they showed generosity with Hershey chocolate bars and chewing gum. Here was the best-fed army in the world. For them the war was ‘the good war’ which pulled their farms and industries out of recession and into unprecedented prosperity. They were fighting for ‘The American Way of Life’. It seemed mainly to consist of enormous amounts to eat.”[2]

British women, young and on a war-time diet of strictly rationed food, were the prettiest in the world (and still are), in my subjective opinion, anyway. The American GI’s arriving in England en mass were referred to as “overpaid, oversexed and Text Box:  

Nazi Psychological Operations (PsyOp) Leaflet of 
the sexually explicit genre, attempting to drive a wedge 
between the British and American Allied soldiers. 
Image: courtesy of Maj. Ed Rouse, US Army (ret.)
over here.” A universal greeting by the GI’s to British females 15 to 50 of age would be, “Hi ya, cutie,” while their virtually unlimited stashes of Hershey chocolate had a profound effect on the relationship dynamics. “They took all the girls,” mutter British war veterans who appreciated their American allies, nonetheless. Indeed, the walls outside American barracks were lined up every night with couples, panting in a parting embrace before the soldiers’ bed check. “Better GI’s than Gerries[3],” was another sentiment. Let’s not begrudge these boys a little lovin’ – 220,000 of them would die a few weeks later, between the “D” day and capitulation of Nazi Germany. Yet, there was a complaint raised in Parliament that “it is unfit for a woman to walk unescorted” in Hyde Park because of the “unconcealed immorality” of the GI’s.

Not surprisingly, other folks had a different opinion – some 60,000 British women became American war brides. The language differences alone were the cutest. Cynical as it may sound, researchers find direct correlation between female sexual attraction (and satisfaction) and the size of… the suitor’s bank account; [4] in WW-II it was the size of GI’s food rations and payroll allowances.  Do not blame me for this opinion, blame “evolutionary science” researchers. They get government grants for this.  By British standards GI’s rations were obscenely huge and by American standards British girls were immensely alluring.

But going back to Ms. Collingham’s calorie-centric analysis of the greatest conflict in the world’s history, it is scholarly, well-researched, convincing[5] … and unsettling in its honesty. In contrast to the Nazi’s ideology of social Darwinism, it can be said that WW-II was the survival of the fattest.

Defeat in WW-I: A Hunger Revolt or a “Stab on the Back”?

The pre WW-II Germans remembered quite well the experience of WW-I, when the British Royal Navy’s blockade cut Germany from the supplies of food and fuel, choked off its industries and lead to wide-spread hunger. For all the guts and glory of the ground war, with soldiers fed while civilians starving, it was hunger in Germany that put an end to the nightmare of human meat grinder of the WW-I. When in 1918 German Naval Command[6] ordered German Imperial sailors to fight a "climactic battle” against the far superior British Royal Navy, a mission that undoubtedly would have been suicidal – they mutinied. German sailors were not stupid and had rifles to boot. Ultimately, about 40,000 sailors in Kiel mutinied; they intercepted the troops sent to suppress the naval uprising. The soldiers joined the sailors, demaning an end to hostilities on all of the WW-II military theaters.

The messy Revolution lead to the abdication of Keiser Wilhelm, establishment of a liberal democratic government (Weimar republic) and the June 1919 Treaty of Versailles, with its reparations, which many Germans would eventually come see as not only oppressive, leading to massive inflation and hunger, but punitive, humiliating and insulting to Text Box:  
A US poster from the time of WW-II.

their national pride. In a remarkably short time after 1918, many Germans deluded themselves to think that they had not really lost the war. The military elite mounted a successful campaign in the 1920’s to attribute the collapse of the Germany’s military to a “stab in the back” theory, by “enemies at home,” socialists, liberals, communists and Jews. They conveniently obscured a simple truth that if peace treaty were not signed, many more millions of soldiers and civilians would have died, and Germany – would have been utterly crushed.

The “stab on the back” theory was a convenient replacement of the historic facts with absurd political mythology. The facts were: German people circa 1918 were on the brink of starvation – the result of the British naval blockade; German armies lost on the battlefields in the summer of 1918; Germany’s Austrian, Turkish and Bulgarian allies had crumbled and exited hostilities; German defenses at the Hindenburg Line, considered Germany’s impenetrable defense of last resort, by November 1918 had been completely broken and overrun by the British 1st, 3d and 4th Armies, which included Canadian, Australian and American troops, and by the French First Army.

The British Fourth Army's commander, General Henry Rawlinson wrote: “Had the Boche [Germans] not shown marked signs of deterioration during the past month, I should never have contemplated attacking the Hindenburg line. Had it been defended by the Germans of two years ago, it would certainly have been impregnable…”

German troops were in rapid retreat on the entire western front; The German imperial fleet mutinied; Allied armies were poised to pour into Germany; On 29 September, 1918 the German Supreme Command informed Kaiser Wilhelm II and the Imperial Chancellor Count Georg von Hertling that Germany’s military situation was hopeless and could only get worse. Text Box:  

Women brought Hitler’s Nazi party to power, voting overwhelmingly for the 
National-Socialist ticket in 1932-33.

Generalquartiermeister Erich Ludendorff claimed that he could not guarantee that the front would hold for another 24 hours and demanded an immediate ceasefire. In addition, general Ludendorff recommended meeting the demands by US President Woodrow Wilson (his Fourteen Points) as a basis for the armistice and placing the Imperial Government on a democratic footing.

This clever move enabled Ludendorff to save the face of the Imperial Army and throw the responsibility for the capitulation into the lap of the democratic parties and the parliament. It was a clever political move by the military elite seeking to preserve its prestige, pay, privileges and political future. Thus, the myth of the “Stab-in-the-back” was born that the army had not failed, only the civilian democratic government. Emperor Willhelm II abdicated and fled to the Netherlands. The German republic was proclaimed on November 9, 1918. The armistice signed on Nov. 11 was a clear surrender – Germany gave up its Navy, its submarines and warships, and its armed forces gave up their heavy field equipment – tanks and artillery, which the army was leaving behind, anyway, running from the quickly crumpling Western Front.

The historical facts were easily distorted to pamper the egos of the German military, especially in the late 1920’s as Weimar republic faltered and Hitler began rising to political prominence, riding high on the back of the “stab on the back” mythology and promises of employment, food, and geopolitical expansion. A little known fact is that it was German women who had overwhelmingly voted for Hitler, bringing him to power through democratic elections. The blue-eyed charmer drowned Europe in blood less than 10 years later.

Hitler’s Personal Brand of Anti-Semitism

Hitler’s personal brand of anti-Semitism was to hoist the responsibility for Germany’s defeat in WW-I on Jews, of whom a handful indeed participated in the late stages of German Revolution of 1918. But if Jews caused Germany’s defeat – then the Royal Navy – English, Canadian and Australian sailors – must have been Jewish in large numbers, as would have to be the 40,000 of German revolutionary sailors in Kiel’s mutiny, as would have to be the British, French and American soldiers who crushed Germany’s last hope, the Hindenburg Line. It can be argued that what Hitler really meant was the Christian morality of empathy and “brotherhood” that lead to moral “infirmity” of the German troops was – according to him – Jewish in nature, as he felt ancient Roman paganism worshipping the Emperor would have been more suitable.y


Yet, as it often happened ever since the demise of the independent Judea in 70 AD, Jews would once again become a convenient, available and helpless scapegoat at the hands of a ruthless political demagogue. Within a generation after the Christ died on the cross, the tiny Judea and Palestine rose against the rule of omnipotent Rome and – not surprisingly – lost: independence from Rome lasted a little over a year. Rome bore all its military might against the independent Judea,  destroyed Jerusalem, tore down the temple, poured salt in the ground, so that even grass would not grow, and crucified all they could catch, about 100,000 Jews. The rest of the people dispersed throughout the world. For the first Christians in Rome, to legitimize their outlawed religion, they had to present Rome in a rosy light, to show Rome represented by a kind-hearted ruler, while the Jews to be the obstinate, heartless zealots who got what they deserved, which is how the gospels were created.


Germans, after the 1945 Nazi defeat, would become in a sense the new Jews, symbolizing all that is wrong with humanity, often dehumanized, although arguably not nearly as much as Nazis dehumanized the Jews, but unlike the dehumanization of Jews – with Germans, there was a reason: during WW-II they burned down tens of thousands of villages killing and burning their dwellers in the Soviet Union alone, as well as in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Greece, and France.


Having made the myth of the “stab in the back” highly popular, Hitler united Germany under the banner of saving Europe from Jews as “enemies” of the Reich and European “culture.” Although only a small percentage of Jews were in politics, he equated bolshevism, and in general – any opposition to fascism in Europe and America – with Jews; although only a tiny fraction of Jews were wealthy – he associated all Jews with international finance, which according to him deliberately caused the great depression. Inciting hatred against the traditional ethnic scapegoat, he unified the nation, while Dr. Goebbelse’s Ministry of Propaganda was in full throttle, spreading anti-Semitism throughout Europe. This made anti-Semitism as murderous as it turned out to be.


<<…          we have been speaking," said Hitler, "of the Jew…  We have been speaking of him as our political opponent. Where does he stand in the deeper struggle for the New World era?" – I confessed that I had no notion. “There cannot be two Chosen People. We are God's People. Does not that fully answer the question?” – “That is to be understood symbolically?” [Qestion by Hermann Rauschning.]


Again he banged the table. “Symbolically? No! It's the sheer simple undiluted truth. Two worlds face one another—the men of God and the men of Satan! The Jew is the anti-man, the creature of another god. He must have come from another root of the human race. I set the Aryan and the Jew over against each other; and if I call one of them a human being I must call the other something else. The two are as widely separated as man and beast. Not that I would call the Jew a beast. He is much further from the beasts than we Aryans. He is a creature outside nature and alien to nature.”


Hitler seemed to have more to say. But words failed him amid the onrush of his surging thoughts. His face was distorted and working. He snapped his fingers in his excitement. "It's an endless subject," he spluttered.               >>Â


The Enduring Fraud of “Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Prominent in the Nazi anti-Semitic propaganda was the concoction of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, a purported “Zionist text” describing an alleged plan to achieve global domination by Jews. The text was a propagandistic fraud. Following its first publication in 1903 in the Russian Empire, numerous independent investigations have demonstrated that the document was a hoax; notably, a series of articles printed in The Times of London in 1921 revealed that most of the material in the alleged “protocols” was directly plagiarized from earlier works of political satire. The Protocols is entirely a work of fiction, written to blame on Jews a large variety of societal ills. The folks who continue to distribute it claim that it “documents” a “Jewish conspiracy to dominate the world.” The conspiracy, its alleged leaders, the so-called Elders of Zion, never existed.


Adolf Hitler was a major fan and proponent of the text. The “text” was studied, as if factual, in German classrooms after the Nazis came to power in 1933, despite having been exposed as fraudulent years before. Hitler used the “Protocols” as a “justification” for initiating the Holocaust — his “warrant for genocide.”§ And he had staunch supporters in the good ole’ USA:


Henry Ford, American industrialist, financed the printing and distribution of 500,000 copies of the “protocols,” circulated throughout the United States in the 1920’s. <<The generous treatment allotted Ford Motor by the Nazi regime is partially attributable to the violent anti-Semitism of the company's founder, Henry Ford. Ford’s own pamphlet The International Jew: The World's Foremost Problem brought him to the attention of a former German Army corporal named Adolf Hitler, who in 1921 became chairman of the fledgling Nazi Party. When Ford was considering a run for the presidency that year, Hitler told the Chicago Tribune, “I wish that I could send some of my shock troops to Chicago and other big American cities to help.”>>  Roughly one third of Nazi military trucks used in war operations of 1942 were produced by Ford, many of them – against the British and American troops. Hitler had a full-sized portrait of Henry Ford in his office. In 1938, long after the vicious character of Hitler's government had become clear to the rest of the world, Ford accepted the Grand

Cross of the German Eagle, the Nazi regime's highest honor for foreigners. There are many verified sources of all of the information regarding Henry Ford in this paragraph, but all of it, including the verbatim quotation above is well summarized in one article, Ford and the Führer, by Ken Silverstein; January 6, 2000, The Nation (




The “Protocols” purports to document the minutes of a late 19th-century meeting of Jewish leaders discussing their goal of global Jewish hegemony by subverting the morals of Gentiles, by controlling the press and the world's economies. It is still widely distributed today, often offered as a “genuine” document. Not unlike Nazi Germany, in the US there exist a number of college text-books, where fraud and political hoax were raised to the level of “social science” offered as the cat’s meow of today’s sociology. Numerous state, private and community colleges in the US offer courses in Sociology, which offer feminist-falsified “statistics” portraying men to be violent “perpetrators,” while turning their students into professional scam artists.©


The Anglo-American Social Darwinism and Eugenics

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Anti-Semitic brainwashing of little children in Nazi Germany began at an early age, with books made mandatory part of child indoctrination. With fathers removed and replaced by Hitlerjugend organization, the state mind-programming machine worked full throttle, turning
the nation’s youth into mass-murderers. 

To understand how the Holocaust of Jews became possible, one does not need to go as far as the time when Roman Catholic Church in order to establish itself as a legitimate religion in Rome, where it was outlawed, falsified original gospels. Instead, it is enough to realize the influential role played by Darwinian biology of the time. There was a growing sense, particularly since Ernst Haeckel, that there were those in society who were “biologically” inferior and that for the civilization to survive and thrive, those who were 'unfit' should be done away with. Minorities were declared “unfit,” particularly those who were quite fit to compete for jobs. Real-life attempts to “breed” super-humans failed miserably, often resulting in such “achievements” as genetic disease, alcoholism and drug addiction and other unexpected, undesirable “side effects.”

But at the time there was an unspoken sense that humans should take matters into their own hands. Today’s dirty little secret is that many hues of Eugenics were very popular as “science” in the US and in England, even more so than in Germany. Feminists, as other self-proclaimed “progressives” of the Progressive Era (chronologically ascribed to 1890’s-1920’s) were absolutely enamored with the racist eugenics then, as they are now.  True science has never been their forte, absurd theories and conscience-shocking behavior put instead in its place.

This fact is a key to understanding how a number of factors converged to create the nightmare of the centuries, and allow annihilation of 6 million Jews, and millions of other innocent people, just because they were not ethnic Germans. “Biological inferiority” is subjective today, as it was then. In Britain, for example, many Social Darwinists, especially those active in education and academics, were so impressed by the achievements of Jews in schools, universities and exact sciences that they concluded that they were a “superior breed” ...  Ironically, this view was echoed in Nazi conspiracy theories, which painted a picture of diabolically cunning Jews, outsmarting the honest, hardworking Germans in all aspects of social life. At the cradle of Fascism of 1920’s, the French, Italian and Romanian nationalists declared their respective national archetype “superior.” Today, the small but vociferous and virulent nationalist parties and groups in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, former Yugoslavia, Germany, Latvia, UK, and US assert theories that whomever they are – they are a superior “race,” as do nationalists of every other place where history is Text Box:  

California, USA, 1920’s. The signs in the window read, “Member: 
Hollywood Protective Association,” and “Japs Keep Out.”  -- Not that 
Japanese on the Island of Japan were more hospitable to Corean or Chinese, 
let alone Europeans. 
neither taught nor learned, so certain groups of people have lived under the rock, putting them at least 100 years behind in their intellectual development.

In the US and Britain, when “progressives” of 1900’s-1920’s, 30’s and 40’s discussed the “lower races”, these included African Americans, anyone from Southern or Eastern Europe (from French, Italian and Spanish to Poles and Ukrainians), the Irish and Scottish who were considered to be inferior to their English counterparts, not to mention all colored races from Asia and middle East. By nature of their “race,” these groups were argued to be “unfit”. 

It was argued that if these “unfit” were already in the country, public policy of the United States should not facilitate their procreation and economic well-being.  As such, many among American “Progressives” were also proponents of eugenic policies.  They extolled the virtues of purity of heritage, selective immigration practices, and any policy which would limit the numbers of “unfit” allowed to enter or multiply within the United States

The late Democratic Senator Byrd, whose KKK membership seem to have assured his Senatorial seat for life till his death on June 28, 2010, wrote in 1944 to segregationist Mississippi Senator Theodore G. Bilbo:

“                  I shall never fight in the armed forces with a Negro by my side ... Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.”

— Robert C. Byrd, in a letter to Sen. Theodore Bilbo (D-MS), 1944, [7]

America’s reverse racism of today and its politically correct public policies only underscore the arrogance and absurdity of its ruling political elites, in whose hands public policy is a pendulum of “social justice,” tossing the country from one extreme to the other, so the country’s president of today better be black, Muslim and a woman, no matter how ridiculously poor the candidate’s qualifications.

The true political nobility, such as Pres. Theodore Roosevelt (not to be confused with FDR), were far and few in between. A true intellectual and staunch supporter of law, President Theodore Roosevelt made public a letter he wrote to Governor W. Durbin of Indiana, in which he said:

“        My Dear Governor Durbin, ...permit me to thank you as an American citizen for the admirable way in which you have vindicated the majesty of the law by your recent action in reference to lynching... All thoughtful men... must feel the gravest alarm over the growth of lynching in this country, and especially over the peculiarly hideous forms so often taken by mob violence when colored men are the victims – on which occasions the mob seems to lay more weight, not on the crime but on the color of the criminal... There are certain hideous sights which when once seen can never be wholly erased from the mental retina. The mere fact of having seen them implies degradation... Whoever in any part of our country has ever taken part in lawlessly putting to death a criminal by the dreadful torture of fire must forever after have the awful spectacle of his own handiwork seared into his brain and soul. He can never again be the same man…” (Signed in Oyster Bay, N. Y., August 6, 1903.)[8]

Pres. Theodore Roosevelt, an officer and a gentleman, did not trade his deep humanitarian convictions for Southern votes, which he thus lost.

Another dirty little secret is that the Nazi regime had financed its rise to political power and the war it waged by astronomical loans from the American and English banks (in addition to “regular” means, such as by raising taxes, by printing money and, above all, by the brutal exploitation of the conquered European continent’s resources.) But that’s another discussion altogether.

Regarding the food resources of “the greater Germany,” in August 1942 Hermann Goring famously declared: “The Fuhrer repeatedly said, and I repeat after him: if anyone has to go hungry, it shall not be the Germans, but other peoples.[9]

Planning to starve 100 million Russians, Ukrainians and Poles and to Kill all Jews

By diverting the grain supply from the occupied cities, towns and villages of Eastern Europe and using it to feed German armies instead, the indigenous populations of Poland and Russia could be decimated, the German Text Box:  
Soviet advertisement for milk and Egg products, a cornucopia – but only on paper.

army well-fed and fertile territories cleared off for German colonists, all in a single logistical sweep. Hitler often spoke of Russia as Germany’s equivalent of the American West; Drang nach Osten (German for “yearning for the East”, “thrust toward the East”, “desire to push East”) as an equivalent of the American manifest destiny — “drive towards West”, and annihilation of the Russian, Polish, and Ukrainian people in the east, as a German equivalent of the annihilation of the American Indians.

Lizzie Collingham has focused her research on the sinister figure of Obergruppenführer-SS, Herbert Backe (photo of whom is shown here), appointed the Reich Minister of Food in 1942 (he was the de facto Minister prior to that), and appointed Minister of Agriculture in April of 1944. This Nazi functionary, whose name is less familiar to an average reader than those of Goebbels, Himmler and Goering, was no less evil, although in the 2nd tier of power. Herbert Backe was an agronomist who in early 1941 devised, as part of the Plan Barbarossa, the “Hunger Plan” that concentrated on using the Soviet Union fertile lands to solve the problem of Germany’s food shortages. How? --By “diverting food from the towns of the Soviet Union, which was estimated to cause death by starvation of 30 m Soviets,” in the first two years of German occupation.

The city dwellers were ‘useless eaters’. The people in the cities who relied on the country for its grain and livestock were to starve to death. When denied food, the body begins to consume itself first it burns fat and muscle, then the intestines and last, the vital organs.  There is intense craving for carbohydrates and salt and uncontrollable diarrhea before a final torpor. The ultimate cause of death is organ failure. Those who starved in Leningrad were found to have hearts less than a third of the normal average weight of a human heart.

Herr Backe was the very picture of German respectability: clean-shaven, with thin-rimmed spectacles, neat collar and tie, dutiful and attentive – a bureaucrat who went home in the evenings to his loving wife and children, good dinner, and an occasional night out to the theater or cinema. It can be said he designed the most destructive weapon of WW-II, starvation.

Food production and consumption had always been the primary reason behind Hitler’s plans for seizing Lebensraum (Living Space) in the east, and Backe’s short-term plan would solve simultaneously two of the problems formulated by the Fuhrer:  it would annihilate the estimated number of Russians, while feeding the estimated number of Germans – a clean, scientific, efficient approach to procuring strategic supplies of food for the Aryan race.

Text Box:  

         New Slavery: Using Soviet POW’s as work horses to plough the earth

The third leg of the plan was to move German pioneer families into Ukraine, Poland and southern Russia to farm the conquered fertile lands, once the “useless eaters” had been exterminated by hunger and outright executions and their young transported to Germany as slave labor.  Hitler invaded Russia with the intention of creating a “European California,” as abundant as the American West.

Stalin had no illusions about Nazis’ intentions and true motives. In his famous July-3, 1941 address to the peoples of the USSR, he said:

 “… the issue is one of life or death for the Soviet State, for the peoples of the U.S.S.R.; the issue is whether the peoples of the Soviet Union shall remain free or fall into slavery…”

Seizing the agricultural produce in the Ukraine for the purpose of feeding the Reich, required brutal measures: a) annihilation of superfluous populations, such as Jews, intellectuals, the population of big industrial cities and cultural centers, such as Kiev, which did not receive any supplies at all; b) extreme reduction of the rations allocated to Ukrainians in the remaining cities; c) decrease of the food permitted to be kept by the food-producing farming population.[10]

Altogether the regime’s agrarian vision for the East generated plans to murder up to a hundred million people,” Collingham wrote.

Backe argued that German agriculture alone could never produce the 3,000 calories per man per day needed by Wehrmacht, which at its peak numbered 9.5 million men, a staggering one-seventh of the German population. In the course of war, Germany had been forced to cut its bread rations by 600 grams in July 1940, and another 400 grams in June 1941, but the soldiers were well-fed and supplied: by early 1943 Wehrmacht was consuming the whopping 62% of all meat in the Reich and 40% of its grain. To close “the meat and fat gap” for the civilian population, Backe told Hitler and Goering that “the war can only be continued if the entire Wehrmacht is fed from Russia.  And  so it went: in Russia alone Wermacht expropriated and consumed 7 million tons of grain, 17 million heads of cattle, 20 million pigs, 27 million sheep and goats, 100 million hens. They were starving the conquered populations of Slavs while German army was well-fed and supplied, as German civilians experienced a decline of living standards, yet still “rolling in cheese and butter[11]” compared to Russians.

Hitler had made it clear to his generals that he wanted a complete physical destruction of the major Russian cities, with the populations killed off. German Army’s Chief-of-Staff, general Halder wrote in his diary:

It is the Führer's unshakable decision to raze Moscow and Leningrad to the ground, so as to be completely relieved of the population of these cities, which we would otherwise have to feed through the winter. The task of destroying the cities is to be carried out by aircraft.”[12] 

Note the strategic importance of aircraft ascribed by Fürher to the task of mass-murdering civilians. It would explain the controversial “strategic bombing” of cities, which became the trademark of the WW-II on all sides and goes back to the bombing of Guernica, Spain in 1937.

In the campaign to exterminate “useless eaters” in the East, as the Nazis termed them, starvation was used as a weapon of mass destruction. It was used in an especially cruel way against Polish Jews, whom Nazis interned in crammed, walled-off ghettos. By severely limiting the supplies of food coming into Ghettos, SS assured deaths of 500,000 Jews in the first few months of occupation, by mid-1941 in Poland alone.

Starvation of the Soviet citizens in large industrial cities, such as Kiev, can also be traced to Backe’s calculations, designed to assure what he called the Reich’s “nutritional freedom.” Note the use of the word “freedom” in the name of the program. “Freedom” is good. Freedom is the word in just about any sneaky, off-the-wall special interest Text Box:  
Auschwitz Concentration Camp survivors. No overweight problems here.
legislation coming out of the US Congress. “The new freedom plan” was the moniker given by Pres. G.W. Bush to his educational reform, as a result of which two thirds of children in foster care were put on the psychotropic drug Ritalin, benefiting Novartis and generic drug makers, as well as ingratiating the White House with the teachers’ union, while maiming children for life.

Hitler liked to equate his policy of starving the untermenschen (sub-humans) with the “necessary” destruction of the “Red Indians” in the settling of the American West and development of the America’s “bread basket.”

In German-occupied territories of the USSR, Jews and children were permitted no more than 500 calories a day; to sustain life one must have approximately 1,700 calories per day[13] – hundreds of thousands were starving to death, as did 9,000 Soviet prisoners of war each month in the autumn of 1941 alone.  It was the ultimate weight-loss program. Nazism was a “dictatorship of the aesthetics genius,” by Hitler’s own definition. The Nazi system of rationing kept its subjects on a radical diet that would have put Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers out of business; the dietary regime, of course, was far more radical for some than the others.

That said, German civilians also complained about their poor rationing. Annual consumption of potatoes in Germany grew from 12 million tons before the war, to 32 million tons, to substitute for other food that gradually disappeared. In order to fill the stomachs of the “Aryan Race” Nazis put the entire Europe “on a diet” of near starvation. Thus, French girls in 1944 were 11 centimeters shorter than in 1935, while boys – 7 centimeters shorter. (And France was not even fighting long, or had sustained any noticeable damage to its cities and villages.) Eighty percent of Belgian children suffered from rickets. 

But none of it can be even remotely compared to the catastrophic starvation in Leningrad, USSR. The food situation during the war was absolutely catastrophic in the besieged city. Those children who managed to survive the 900 days of the siege were drastically shorter and weaker than their contemporaries and looked like tiny old people. Many suffered from dystrophy, a dangerous illness which after its onset begins to consume inner organs in a way that is not easily cured by an improved diet. 

As for the Reichminister’s grand agrarian plan for the Aryan nation, it failed miserably. Ukrainian and Russian peasants on the occupied territories were not in a hurry to produce for the Reich, and German farmers were not particularly eager to work the land outside Germany: German farmers who unwittingly moved into the farm houses in Poland and the Ukraine were killed by the local partisans, even despite the brutal reprisals such as hundreds of hostages shot for each German life taken. As a result of a failure of the agrarian plan, Germany went through a series of food crises. Collingham writes, “The Holocaust was not just the product of an irrational ideology but the conclusion of a series of crises in the German conduct of the war.”

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                                         The cow’s last moments. 
To maintain high standards of living, Nazis were killing “useless eaters” not only in the East, but in Germany, as well. In a letter from the Bishop of Limburg of 13th of August, 1941 to the Reichsminister of Justice, copied to the Reichsminister of the Interior and the Reichsminister for Church Affairs, the Bishop describes what had become a matter of public knowledge: with death certificates given to families, a nursing home in a bucolic town of Hadamar was engaged in a systematic killing, new victims brought in by buses several times a week.  “Children call each other names and say, “You're crazy; you'll be sent to the baking oven in Hadamar.” Those who do not want to marry, or find no opportunity, say “Marry, never! Bring children into the world so they can be put into the bottling machine!” You hear old folks say, Don't send me to a state hospital! After the feeble-minded have been finished off, the next useless eaters whose turn will come are the old people.” … I beg you most humbly, Herr Reich Minister… to prevent further transgressions of the Fifth Commandment of God.[14]



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